Cutie Bracelets Core Collection

Cutie Bracelets Core Collection

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Cutie Bracelets
Pack of two (same color), Core Set (2 of each 3 colors), LE collection sets (2 of each 8 colors), or the Tailgate Collection Set (1 of each 20 colors).

Keep One
Give One

Spreading happiness, one Cutie Bracelet at a time.
One Cutie for you + one Cutie for someone who needs a little happy.

Measure flush to your wrist. Sizing is as follows:
XS: 6.5"
S: 6.75”
M: 7.5"
L: 8.5"

Not intended for children under 5.  

Cutie Bracelets are made with 100% food grade silicone. It is safe, non-toxic, and free of BPA, phthalates, and latex. Cutie Bracelets are CPSC compliant and FDA approved. Do not put Glow in the Dark in the mouth.

Designed in the USA | Made in China

Inspired by Ryan Rose, the Cutie Bracelets were designed to help kids sprinkle a little kindness wherever they go in hopes that they would reach out to those they wouldn’t normally reach out to. Cutie Bracelets will come in a 2 pack (of the same color) to encourage your children to keep one for him or herself while giving the other to someone who may need a little happy in their life. Whether it be the kid that sits alone at the lunch table or a kid that‘s going through an emotional situation at home, the Cutie Bracelets act as the perfect tool in teaching our children to love everybody regardless of their appearance, age or background. 
My main goal in creating these Cutie Bracelets for kids was not to put another best friends bracelet on the market but instead serve a purpose with the Cutie Bracelets in encouraging our children to GIVE, BE KIND and show LOVE to those that may need it most. 

We want to see you wearing their Cutie Bracelets! Use #cutiesspreadinghappiness on social media. Be sure to tag @ryanandrose/ryanandroseinfo! 

*XS size was previously labeled as S. Packaging may reflect “S” 

**For Pearl Cutie Bracelets, there may be the appearance of bubbles present. This is not considered a blemish.